The most important outcome for families during childbirth is bringing home a healthy baby. While there are measures to assess outcomes in preterm infants there is a lack of metrics to assess the outcomes of term infants. The PC-06 “Unexpected Complications in Term Newborns” measure is intended to track moderate-to-severe adverse outcomes in the 90 percent of otherwise healthy infants without preexisting conditions (TJC, 2018).

Multiple peer-reviewed studies indicate that more than 50 percent of bad outcomes in childbirth are preventable (CDC, 2016). According to its website, The Joint Commission (2021), which accredits more than 4,000 hospitals, has implemented this measure to both eliminate the data gap and reduce unexpected complications of term newborns.

PC-06 requires hospitals to report the overall rate, severe rate, and moderate rate of unexpected newborn complications among full-term newborns with no preexisting conditions.

Fortunately, PeriGen solutions allow for early identification of maternal and/or fetal intolerance of labor. PeriWatch Vigilance® artificial intelligence-driven maternal-fetal early warning system (EWS) is designed to help care teams initiate early interventions and potentially avoid unexpected complications in the term newborn.

Click below to download the full “The Joint Commission PC-06 (2019) At a Glance” and see where your hospital compares to statewide and nationwide PC-06 averages.

Download The Joint Commission PC-06 At a Glance