Surveillance at the Nurse’s Station and at the Bedside.

Because it’s designed by clinicians for clinicians, it includes the features that bedside clinicians, nurse managers, and physicians prefer for documenting and sharing information vital for great patient care. Plus it integrates effortlessly with all major EMRs, reducing the need for double entry and complicated screen toggling.

Central Surveillance and Patient Census

Monitor up to 30 patients on one screen,
with easy configuration as the census changes.
Allows trending through each tracing independently.
Cues color-coded early warning notifications embedded (if applicable).
Patient Census includes comprehensive view of all active patients,
configurable columns and colors, and HIPAA compliant.

Bedside Surveillance

Provides ease of trending and navigation to documentation fields. Natural flow of documentation screens, designed with clinical preferences in mind. Single and dual screen options available.


FHR Assessments,
Annotations, and Exams

Annotate directly on the strip for singleton up to quads, entries configured to match facility guidelines.


Patient alerts can be configured to match your facility’s guidelines.


Integrates with all major EMRs, includes single sign-on capabilities, active directory, auto admit and discharge.


Data gathering starts when monitor is connected, even prior to admission. Storage even when EMR is down.


Ready retrieval of prior patient visits including EFM tracing and documentation.

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