Add Powerful Early Warning Capabilities to your Existing EFM.

An automated Early Warning System and Clinical Decision Support tool for obstetrics, designed to enhance clinical efficiency, timely intervention and standardization of care. It adds an artificial intelligence-based approach to patient safety initiatives. It can track hundreds of patients across multiple sites continuously sorting and color-coding them according to defined parameters and notifying clinicians based on degree and duration of abnormality.  Using artificial intelligence and other analytical techniques, it continuously analyzes maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions and labor progression.

Single Patient View

Consolidations of critical data for one patient in a single view with ability to trend 4 or 12 hours. At a glance or by automated notification, clinicians can quickly see if conditions are worsening in each area.

HUB (Enterprise Wide) View

Live, interactive listing of multiple patients across all or one site, color-coded notifications for quick attention. The list is continuously updated and sorted. One click in a patient row provides access to her detailed personal dashboard.

Built-In Features


FDA cleared software module that measures features in the electronic fetal monitor tracing such as accelerations, decelerations, FHR baseline and variability. The long-term tracing display uses color to highlight regions where the tracing exceeds specific criteria set by the institution, so that clinicians can quickly identify persistent patterns or concerning trends.


Displays maternal vital signs and oxygen saturation measurements in numerical and graphical format.


FDA cleared method to objectively assess labor progress showing a patient’s dilation relative to a reference population, adjusting for specific factors such as contraction frequency, epidural use, and parity. The results are shown graphically and with percentiles. It has been reported to help manage CS rates in the face of rising maternal complexity.

Access your Early Warning System and
Clinical Decision Support Tools
directly from your mobile device

PeriWatch Vigilance Mobile Solution

The Only Automated Early Warning System for L&D

Maternal AND
Fetal Dyad

Complement your existing Early Warning criteria (MEWS, SEWS, MEOWS, and MEWTS) with early warning for mom AND baby.

Objective Feedback

“Always On” continuous surveillance and analysis provides a pillar of effective clinical decision support.


Automated notifications where you are – in your EMR, census, or workstation – with no user validation required.

No Rip and Replace or Redundant Data Entry

Works alongside existing EFM systems and EMRs using ADT/HL7 interfacing to avoid costly software replacement and double documentation.

EMR and EFM Integration

Ability to integrate with all major EMRs and EFMs so data is shared seamlessly (Comprehensive ADT/HL7 interfacing). Maintain your current system and workflows.

AI Software to Aid Nursing Efforts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) independently verified for accuracy, combined with other unique algorithms and visualization aids provide enhanced situational awareness.

Flexible Data Retention Modalities

PeriWatch Vigilance® analysis data is not stored in the EMR. Various options are available for retaining and/or de-identifying Vigilance results.

Tireless, Timely, Consistent

Always on and analyzing streaming data. It will notify clinicians when maternal vital signs, the fetal heart rate, or labor progress exceed safety limits set by the hospital.

Designed to Protect Moms and Babies in Childbirth

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