Early Warning System
and Clinical Decision Support
PeriWatch Vigilance®

PeriWatch Tracings, the Next Generation deserves a Next Generation EFM

Fetal Surveillance
and Documentation

PeriWatch Vigilance®

The First Automated Early Warning System for Labor & Delivery

PeriWatch Vigilance® is a Perinatal Early Warning System that notifies clinicians about patients whose conditions are worsening. Using artificial intelligence and other analytical techniques, it continuously analyzes maternal vital signs,  fetal heart rate, contractions,  and labor progression.  Notification thresholds can be configured by each institution and the actual alerts appear on the department census board.

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Customer Testimonials

“PeriGen has provided a huge improvement in efficiency. Newman Regional L&D clinicians are saving approximately an hour of documentation for every delivery.”

Heather Aylward, Newman Regional

“We’ve had 17 new nurses start so far this year and the PeriGen system has been our saving grace”

Melanie Williams, Ochsner Baptist

“I can’t imagine having a child without this next generation obstetric decision support”

Yoni Barnhard, Chairman of OBGYN at Norwalk Hospital and Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine for the Western Connecticut Health NetworkDr. Yoni Barnhardt, Norwalk Hospital

“PeriGen’s integration features make life easier.  The interface is intuitive and the system is easy to use. We value the availability of PeriGen’s analysis tools too, especially for difficult labor cases.  The users like the system and that’s very important.”

Amy Dagestad, Mary Greeley Medical Center

“We turned to PeriGen to help us fulfill our community commitment to higher quality, safer and accountable patient care.  Through only one system interface we are able to standardize OB charting, documentation and best practices that support and guide our OB teams throughout our organization. This is especially critical for our large high-risk patient population as it helps manage the complex care we are able to provide these expectant women during their pregnancies.”

Nancy Cossler MD, Director of Quality, University Hospitals, McDonald Women's Hospital

“PeriGen’s Cues takes the guesswork out of assessing fetal strips and supports informed communication and data sharing among our physicians and nurses. It is a great tool for any rural hospital such as ours wanting to continue delivering higher quality and safer patient care. For physicians and nurses especially, it’s helpful to have a second ‘pair of eyes’ to confirm the fetal heart rate patterns that they are viewing onscreen and that their knowledge-based treatment decisions are on the right track.”

Hollie Connor, Nurse Manager, Taylor Regional Hospital

“PeriGen’s evidence-based decision support system is like having a maternal fetal expert looking over your shoulder throughout the labor process, offering reassurance and consultation when needed. When we get busy handling multiple deliveries, PeriGen’s fetal heart monitoring and alert capabilities ensure that we stay on top of all developments. We expect our outstanding quality care for newborns and their mothers to continue and PeriGen helps assure the highest level of safety.”

Gwen Buck RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Gila Regional Medical Center

“PeriGen was great to work with-they get an A+ from the top on down. The company CEO has been involved throughout the process and he, as well as anyone on our team, is quickly accessible by phone or email. Our PeriGen and Epic teams collaborated closely throughout the planning and installation and ensured that the needs of our Labor and Deliver clinicians and staff were addressed. The roll out was completed on time; the training and education were great; and just two weeks after we deployed PeriGen software, everything is running smoothly. Everyone is excited about the data exchange between the two systems and that real-time data can be instantly accessed whenever and where ever it’s needed. We’re confident that PeriGen will continue their legacy as an obstetrics technology pioneer and innovator and will be able to meet our evolving needs.”

Nyla Carswell, Director of Maternal-Child Services, Mary Greeley Medical Center

“PeriGen’s evidence-based fetal surveillance and decision support functionality coupled with its experience interfacing with Epic builds upon our mission to outfit our hospitals with the most sophisticated medical technology. Our goal is to facilitate the very best health outcomes for our patients, including our smallest ones and their moms.”

Gloria Solis, Chief Nursing Officer, Saint Luke's East Hospital

Success Story

Medstar Health 10 Year Study

Becker’s Hospital Review published the results of 10-year study (78,459 births) on the impact of process improvement and the use of PeriGen software on the rate of cesareans, NICU admissions and and the use of extraordinary fetal resuscitation procedures.

Despite an increase in factors associated with rates of cesarean sections, the rate of cesareans remained stable after the introduction of PeriGen software and advanced management strategies.

NICU admissions declined by more than half after PeriGen was introduced and the process improvement steps were introduced.

The number of babies requiring unusual resuscitation measures in the delivery room decreased from 5.2% to 2.4%.

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Stablized Cesarea Rate

Award Winning Product

Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation

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