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PeriGen offers innovative perinatal software solutions that incorporate advanced statistical analysis features to enhance clinical efficiency and standardization of care during childbirth. Led by skilled OB practitioners and IT visionaries, PeriGen has created the PeriWatch® platform to provide consistent analysis and efficient display of complex data in real-time to promote better human recognition and communication about impending problems during labor. With PeriWatch®, clinicians can spend more time on direct patient care and less time on manual calculations and data manipulation.

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Designed and supported 24/7 by a dedicated team of experienced OB & MFM physicians and L&D Nurses


Software is built to complement and not add to current workflows


Reported associated with reduced complications such as uterine tachysystole and NICU admissions


Seamlessly integrate with your current EMR and/or EFM


“Our clinical team works tirelessly to help mothers and babies have the best outcomes possible. Before PeriGen, we looked at long streams of paper to discern if one data point was cause for intervention, making it difficult to identify worrisome trends quickly. Now, we have several hours of information at our fingertips, along with the analytics to add further context.”

Natalie Nicholson, Director of Nursing, Renown Health

“I can count on one hand the number of products I stand behind; I can get behind this one. It has the power to improve the care of our moms and babies. I think in a few years hospitals without AI in obstetrics will be lagging behind.”

Tammy Jerz, Manager of the Birthplace, Spectrum Health Lakeland

“As a director in OB, PeriWatch Vigilance helps me keep a finger on the pulse of the unit by providing a complete overview with just one click of the mouse. When I walk through the unit, the notifications are being displayed on the Vigilance HUB in a consolidated, easily viewed screen that help me prioritize where to focus my initial attention.”

Libby Smith, Director of Women's Services, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

“While we invest significantly in training our nurses, we feel this technology will enhance our ability to provide the safest care possible. Using AI to help our nurses assess and consistently identify irregularities is so logical, we considered trying to build our own solution; during our research we found a proven system that we can partner with.”

Dr. Kent Bishop, Chief Medical Director, ProMedica Physicians and Acute Care

“In a recent quality review, we found that there was a gap in vital sign readings in the medical record. They had not been captured because they had not been validated. We were able to quickly trend through the PeriWatch Surveillance tracings and see blood pressure readings directly on the strip. PeriGen saved me.”

Tammy Jerz, Manager of the Birthplace, Spectrum Health Lakeland

“We’re finding it gives our newer nurses confidence in themselves as well as more credibility when they call a physician’s attention to a problem they are seeing. But even our most seasoned nurses like having the validation that what they’re thinking agrees with what PeriWatch is suggesting.”

Natalie Nicholson, Director of Nursing, Renown Health

“This gives physicians some additional data points, nurses some additional data points to make good decisions for moms. It has some alerting mechanisms on it that if the computer system is seeing a patient where mom’s blood pressure and respiratory rate is low, it’ll alert us to that. Labor and delivery is a really busy place so this vigilance that you need to take care of moms, sometimes you get distracted to tend to another patient, this will pull you back to that patient and alert you to it.”

Dr. Kimberly McKay, OBGYN, Avera Health, Avera Medical Minute


Unexpected Term NICU Admissions and a Potential Role for CRFM

“This study demonstrated a significant decrease in cesarean and OVD rates in those exposed to CRFM while suggesting a clinically, but not statistically, significant reduction in unexpected term NICU admissions.”

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