Vigilance Quality Reports

PeriWatch Vigilance, performing at the bedside in real-time, has the potential to change clinician behavior and patient outcomes. Utilizing Vigilance Quality Reports, perinatal leaders can identify areas of strength and improvement, track progress over time, and make data-driven decisions to enhance patient safety and outcomes.

PeriWatch Vigilance Reporting Packages

New Hypertension Recognition and Response Report
(Enhanced Report)


Over 30% of In-Hospital Maternal Deaths Attributed to Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
(Ford, et al 2022)

The Hypertension Recognition and Response report provides a comprehensive view of all patients who exceed established hypertension criteria. This report can assist audit teams in meeting The Joint Commission elements of performance, AIM bundle parameters, and/or perinatal quality collaborative toolkits.



The Hypertension Report enhances recognition and response audits while increasing efficiency for patient safety and quality teams.

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