Florence Nightingale was born on May 12th, 1820. Each year, National Nurse’s Week ends on her birthday commemorating her position as the founder of modern nursing.

During the Crimean war, Florence used her passion for statistics to address the high death rate and bad health status of the soldiers.  Florence helped reduce the mortality rate from 60% to 2.2% with simple hygiene and nursing care interventions.

Nightingale authored several books, including the critical publication Notes on Nursing (1859).  Referenced by many as the original nursing textbook, it remains relevant to today’s nurse emphasizing how to practice the art of nursing.

Similar in nature to Nightingale’s response during a health crisis, PeriGen was also faced with a unique set of challenges presented by the pandemic.  We were required to pivot in a new direction to continue delivering clinical services in a virtual manner.

Our Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Alana McGolrick created a simple concept, constructing a Virtual Clinical Lead through affixing an iPad to an IV pole.  We never envisioned that it would evolve into a fleet of Flos.   A PeriGen client suggested we name our Virtual Clinical Lead Florence, honoring her namesake’s innovative spirit.  We have nicknamed her ‘Flo’, and she travels around the country delivering our clinical services from a distance.

Clinical services provided via distance programs include Clinical Configuration Workshops, Virtual Education Classes and Clinical Go Live Support. Flo allows our clients to interact face to face with a PeriGen nurse despite the limitations placed upon us during the pandemic.

With a nod to Nightingale and her pioneering spirit, PeriGen continues to follow her lead meeting the needs of today’s nurse through technology and innovation.   Our Clinical Leads, all labor and delivery nurses, embraced Flo and have pushed her to the limits to ensure our clients are fully supported.

Our goal to remain on the cutting edge in perinatal nursing is echoed in Florence Nightingale’s own words:

‘Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it we are going back’.  Florence Nightingale

Thank you for leading the way, rooting nursing in the foundation of advanced healthcare practice.

Happy Birthday Flo!

Dr. Alana McGolrick


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