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Lee Health Cape Coral – Florence Nightingale

The current state of healthcare is rapidly evolving and requires that clinicians respond in creative fashion while addressing patient safety and quality of care.   This also applies to the vendors of healthcare hardware and software.  Providing services to hospital-based clients requires innovative uses of technology to ensure that patients, clients, and vendor staff are protected from the current public health crisis.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, PeriGen launched the Virtual Clinical Lead, nicknamed ‘Flo’ to deliver clinical services from a distance.   Utilizing Flo allows the client to continue with product implementation and avoid experiencing project delays.  Clinical services provided via distance programs include Clinical Configuration Workshops, Virtual Education Classes and Clinical Go Live Support.

PeriGen is excited to provide clients with the opportunity to utilize a virtual approach to client care through remote interaction.  Clients will utilize an iPad secured to an IV pole provided by PeriGen to communicate directly with the Clinical Lead through live video and audio.  This allows the hospital staff to physically move Flo between patient rooms, the nurse’s stations and classrooms giving the staff access to the PeriGen Clinical Lead and the workstations simultaneously.

PeriGen clients have had a lot of fun welcoming Flo to their units! Follow us on social media to see more.

For more information on Flo, please reach out to your client executive or