Integration of perinatal systems with hospital EHR

Integrating Perinatal Software

In addition to being the leading provider of decision-support and applied analytics software for hospital labor & delivery teams, PeriGen has significant experience and expertise with adaptively integrating PeriGen electronic fetal monitoring modules with hospital enterprise EHRs to reduce double data-entry and enhance patient medical information for a better continuum of care and information management compliance.

Quick Take:
Bruno’s Top Ten Tips for EHR Integration

  1. It takes two to interface! HL7 messaging is still the most widely supported standard.
  2. Push your EHR vendor to customize interfacing to accomodate your perinatal workflow.
  3. Challenge your EHR vendor to accept inbound data other than vitals.
  4. Mapping discrete field lists will enhance accuracy.
  5. Parallel vitals acquisition (EHR and perinatal system) should be avoided.
  6. Consider inbound and outbound interfaces if supported by your EHR.
  7. Centralize authentication with Active Directory.
  8. Vendor-supported SSO solutions are ideal, but other technologies like smart cards can help close the gap.
  9. “Cold feed” episodic documents to your EHR.
  10. Reduce clinical risk and documentation time by interfacing current generation real-time analytic tools like PeriCALM Patterns and CheckList to your EHR.

Download the Webinar Slides (Integrating Perinatal Systems)