Integration Webinar: Ten Tips

Integration between perinatal systems and EHRLook for Bruno Bendavid, PeriGen’s SVP of Product Management and long-time integration visionary, to discuss how to leverage these tips to gain true real-time integration between your enterprise EHR and your perinatal system.

“Integrating Perinatal Systems”
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Today (September 30th)
Noon-12:30 PM

  1. It takes two: Stand your ground when asking for EHR acceptance of key perinatal data points.
  2. Look to your EHR to offer customization  opportunities that adapt to your OB workflow.
  3. Most EHRs can, with a little push, accept inbound data other than vitals.
  4. Mapping discrete fields list will enhance accuracy.
  5. Parallel vitals acquisition (from both the EHR and perinatal system) should be avoided.
  6. Consider using both inbound and outbound interfaces if your EHR makes them t all possible.
  7. Centralize authentication with Active Directory.
  8. Vendor-supported SSO solutions are ideal.  Other technologies like smart cards can also help close the gap.
  9. “Cold-Feed” episodic docments to the EHR.
  10. Reduce clinical risk and documentation time by interfacing real-time analytic tools to the EHR (i.e., PeriCALM Patterns and PeriCALM CheckList).