Your labor & delivery unit is using decades-old technology to handle today’s vastly more complex and litigious obstetric patient care.

Labor and delivery is one of the most challenging units in your health system. In this highly litigious service line, bad outcomes can be devastating emotionally and financially, with malpractice settlements often well into the millions. Yet most health systems still depends on technology that does little beyond simply digitizing a paper strip.

PeriWatch Vigilance augments your existing fetal monitoring with an automated early warning system.  It notifies clinicians about patients whose conditions are worsening, using artificial intelligence to continuously analyze maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions and labor progression.

Notification thresholds can be configured by each institution and the actual alerts appear on the department census board.

Without requiring a hospital to “rip and replace” its current perinatal system, enterprise-wide PeriWatch Vigilance is simple to implement with minimal interfacing to all major EMRs including Epic, Cerner®, Meditech and Allscripts®.

Most importantly, PeriWatch Vigilance’s technology has been associated with improved outcomes: lower unanticipated NICU admissions, fewer newborn resuscitations, and controlled cesarean section rates.

Discover how you can add the PeriWatch Early Warning System to your existing labor & delivery surveillance at