It’s 7:30 PM and the HUB team receives a notification that Christine has sustained high blood pressure.

HUB identifies uterine tachysystole in Kathy’s tracing.

Sandy is at 6 CM when HUB indicates a low and falling percentile ranking of her dilation.

Early warning systems are widely recognized as effective tools for identifying patients needing priority review because of critical conditions.  PeriGen is please to offer HUB, an intelligent software application developed in collaboration with Ochsner Health to assist labor & delivery teams to prioritize patients based on hospital-defined settings for vital signs, labor progress, and fetal heart rate patterns.

The new dashboard application, PeriGen’s latest obstetric innovation, lets clinicians consolidate, sort, and view critical information quickly and easily no matter if they’re at the nurses’ station, at a remote monitoring location, or walking down a hall on the way to see a patient.

PeriGen will be showcasing this innovative tool at this year’s AWHONN National Convention (in New Orleans) and providing demonstrations of its features upon request.

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