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HUB, the first intelligent perinatal early warning dashboard

Some Words From Our Clients

“We’ve had 17 new nurses start so far this year and the PeriGen system has been our saving grace”

Melanie Williams, Ochsner Baptist
Yoni Barnhard, Chairman of OBGYN at Norwalk Hospital and Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine for the Western Connecticut Health Network

“I can’t imagine having a child without this next generation obstetric decision support”

Dr. Yoni Barnhardt, Norwalk Hospital

“PeriGen has provided a huge improvement in efficiency. Newman Regional L&D clinicians are saving approximately an hour of documentation for every delivery.”

Heather Aylward, Newman Regional

“PeriGen’s integration features make life easier.  The interface is intuitive and the system is easy to use. We value the availability of PeriGen’s analysis tools too, especially for difficult labor cases.  The users like the system and that’s very important.”

Amy Dagestad, Mary Greeley Medical Center

What to Expect

1. Meeting

Use the form below to schedule a 15-20 minute meeting to review your most pressing labor & delivery challenges.

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2. Business Case

Your customized business case and ROI analysis shows how PeriGen can help conquer some of your challenges.

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3. Implement

Our implementation process is well-tested and defined, but with flexibility to make sure your system matches your needs.

4. Training

PeriGen training is led by experienced L&D clinicians who create a training program tailored for your team that combines live, remote and online components.

5. Partnership

You and your entire team will continue to receive updates, educational opportunities, and invitations to engage with PeriGen researchers and developers.

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