PeriGen’s 2013-2014 Excellence in Perinatal Care Webinar Series will explore various methods for achieving excellence in the L&D setting as well as equip our audience for measuring and communicating this excellence to valued stakeholders.

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April 23rd, 2014:

Strategies to Address Information Overload

EmilyHamilton - GTW

Presented by Emily Hamilton, MD CM
Senior Vice President of Clinical Research

Why you should attend this webinar:
“Information overload”  and  it cousin  “multitasking”  are commonplace in modern healthcare settings.
Join us to see how much time is wasted finding critical  medical information and how clever IT designs can improve efficiency and insight and reduce frustrations.

What attendees are expected to learn:

1. Understand the impact of information overload on mental processes
2. List 3  IT techniques to reduce information overload
3. List 3 factors associated with the introduction of IT applications that result in a positive behavior change

Who should attend:
Staff Nurses, Nurse Midwives, Physicians, Educators, Nurse Managers, CNOs, CMOs, Patient Safety and Quality Advocates, Risk Managers

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