What is PeriWatch and what does it mean to you?

As you probably know by now, about a year ago, PeriGen and WatchChild joined forces. While PeriGen has a long history of progressively offering clinical decision support analytics that help labor & delivery teams assess labor progress, FHR patterns, and protocol compliance management, the WatchChild system is much appreciated for its ease of use, support and enterprise architecture.

With the ink still wet on the acquisition paperwork, we went to work on combining the strengths of each software system. The result is a new modular product line called PeriWatch.

Like PeriGen’s PeriCALM family of software modules, PeriWatch continues to leverage the results of years of clinical research to offer advanced decision support analytic modules. These have been added to WatchChild technology to create a truly ‘Next Generation’ EFM solution. Key benefits include:

• A set of decision support tools that provide bedside clinicians with the power of advanced analytics to help identify concerning fetal heart rate trends and critical conditions.
• Smooth workflow developed by labor & delivery clinicians for labor & delivery clinicians to offer in-line access to decision support, seamless workflow and full integration with the EHR.
• Charting modules for those site’s looking to optimize workflow and EHR data integration from prenatal through to NICU Level 3 so that clinicians can spend more time with patients and less time on documentation.

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