Webinar: How AI Helps Nurses with TMI

Alana McGolrick joins PeriGen as Clinical Outcomes Executive

Dr. Alana McGolrick
Chief Nursing Officer

Dr. Emily Hamilton
Senior VP of Clinical Research

Too Much Information (TMI) is a patient safety risk factor. Today’s L&D nurse can be faced with a hundred trivial alarms in a single shift!  Ever increasing requirements for more extensive documentation and repetitive calculations contribute to TMI and consume precious human resources.  TMI and the scattering of critical information in various parts of an EMR are especially problematic in obstetrics where we must not only assess our patient’s current status, but also consider trends over many hours and make projections in order to intervene before injury occurs.

Enter…  Artificial Intelligence (AI)  … Advances in computing speed and machine learning have produced useful applications in every walk of life. 85% of Americans use at least one product with artificial intelligence. This webinar will provide a basic introduction to AI, and demonstrate how it can be applied in obstetrics to reduce the burden of TMI so that nurses can spend less time sifting through data, and more time focusing on the patient care.  It will also cover why nursing is an AI-safe profession and one that can be enhanced by AI.

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