National Health IT Week

National Health Information Technology Week (NHIT Week) is a collaborative forum showcasing the essential role of health IT as it improves quality, expands access and helps curb costs of healthcare in America. 

PeriGen is excited to be a partner of the U.S. National Health IT Week as they focus on 5 points of engagement to demonstrate the power of information and technology to transform health through: 

  • Advancing Public and Population Health 
  • Modernizing the Public Health Infrastructure 
  • Accelerating Workforce Development 
  • Expanding Access to Broadband and Telehealth 
  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health 

PeriGen is committed to creating technology that is designed to enhance clinical efficiency, timely intervention and standardization of care in obstetrics, ultimately to provide the best possible outcomes for moms and babies. 

PeriGen’s most recent innovation, PeriWatch Vigilance® is an automated early warning software system for obstetrics that adds an artificial intelligence-based approach to patient safety initiatives. It can track hundreds of patients across multiple sites continuously prioritizing them and notifying clinicians based on the degree and duration of abnormality. 

To learn more about how artificial intelligence technology is being used in health IT, please click here.