Today’s Reflections

By Matthew Sappern, CEO

Writing a typical commercial or innovation-minded article just does not feel right this quarter. In the past few weeks, we have seen two horrific weather disasters impacting so many of our fellow humans. All this coinciding with the anniversary of the largest terror attack on our nation’s soil. I have suffered through the catastrophic Superstorm Sandy. I was in NYC during 9/11 and lost some close friends. Horrible times that led to hopeful times.

We as a nation, some would say, are more polarized than ever right now, but we have come together as we always do in times of crisis. Those of us in healthcare are even more drawn to help those suffering crushing circumstances. So, in the next issue I will touch on advances PeriGen is making with early warning systems, our efforts to help curb maternal mortality and morbidity, and some other great stuff.

For now, I am thinking of all our fellow humans and hope you are as well.

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