By Dr. Alana McGolrick, CNO PeriGen, Inc.

*In response to The Joint Commission’s release of the new standards addressing rising maternal mortality in the US

The Joint Commission recently published new patient care standards that are embedded within the accreditation manual.  Listed under the Provision of Care, Treatment and Services (PC) chapter, these new standards require all accredited hospitals with the obstetric service line to provide evidence of compliance with the new elements of performance.  The elements of performance aim to address obstetric hemorrhage and hypertension/pre-eclampsia through prevention, identification and treatment.   To prove compliance, beginning in July 2020, the hospitals are required to implement policy and procedures, staffing and patient education, case review etc. to improve quality of care and patient safety during the perinatal period.

PeriGen, Inc. is dedicated to reducing maternal morbidity and mortality by developing clinical decision support tools that address early identification of a patient’s worsening condition.  By assisting the perinatal clinicians using an automated early warning system, PeriWatch Vigilance®, PeriGen supports The Joint Commission’s aim to improve care of maternal and fetal patients.  PeriWatch Vigilance® displays and analyzes maternal vital signs, as well as the fetal monitor strip. It notifies the caregiver when any of these measures exceed safety limits set by the institution. It can provide an objective and tireless assessment throughout labor.  If the mother were to experience acute blood loss or severe hypertension, PeriWatch Vigilance® will recognize the aberrant vital signs, identify fetal intolerance and notify the clinicians.  Prompt recognition and early treatment address well-known management shortcomings in the two major complications The Joint Commission has targeted.

To learn more about PeriWatch Vigilance and how it can assist clinicians in improving the quality of care and patient safety during the perinatal period, please click here.