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Designed by perinatal clinicians for clinicians to conform to how you work, not the other way around

PeriWatch Tracings

PeriWatch Tracings provides EFM surveillance, alerting, and annotating directly on the strip for singletons, twins, triplets, and quads.  Because it’s designed by clinicians for clinicians, it includes the features that bedside clinicians, nurse managers, and physicians prefer for documenting and sharing information vital for great patient care.  Plus it integrates effortlessly with all major EMRs, reducing the need for double entry and complicated screen toggling.

Most valued features include:

  • Natural flow of documentation screens, designed with clinician preferences in mind
  • Ability to annotate and show assessments directly on the strip
  • Data automatically transferred to EMR
  • Data gathering starts the moment the monitor is connected, even prior to admission
  • Storage of data even if EMR and EFM systems down
  • Simultaneous viewing of PeriWatch and the EMR, as well as archived and live strips
  • Single and dual screen options with ability to tailor individual workstation displays
  • Continuum of documentation available from prenatal through to NICU Level 3
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PeriWatch Tracings

PeriWatch Chart Maternal offers a comprehensive perinatal documentation solution designed by clinicians to match the preferred workflow of both labor & delivery clinicians and physicians.  Labor & delivery charting is facilitated by forms built to include all of the data needed for both compliance and care while fields and forms are ordered to be logical and intuitive.  Although Chart circumvents the need to document in the EMR, data is exchanged smoothly between the two systems.  We also offer the Chart Newborn module for documentation through NICU Level 3.

PeriWatch Chart offers those looking for comprehensive perinatal and postpartum documentation a solution that matches their preferred workflow and data exchange.

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Review is designed to make it easier for perinatal providers to gain objective insights on both poor and good outcomes.

Tracings from your archives are uploaded into Review. The program uses the analytic tool Cues – FHR interpretation color cues, mean contraction interval, baseline, baseline variability, and Montevideo units, a four-hour trend view, and parameter cueing. All of the strip navigation tools are also available.

Review allows your team to benchmark interpretation and assessment on a case-by-case basis, providing an excellent education tool for further improvement in these areas.

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A product of neural networks, clinical research & a passion for labor & delivery

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The first electronic maternity early warning dashboard

Powered by today’s most advanced perinatal analytics, PeriWatch HUB puts the power of selective attention to work for your labor & delivery team.

Take a fresh look at your patient’s tracing

The algorithms used by PeriWatch Cues to identify NICHD-defined FHR patterns use neural networks trained on thousands of real examples.

A New Model of Labor Progress: Dilation + Station > Time

The increased sensitivity and agreement provided by PeriWatch Curve is the result of a totally different model of labor progress. This one uses dilation and station.

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