Remote Perinatal Telemonitoring

Telemonitoring within your hospital, health system, or with contracted hospitals

About Telemonitoring

PeriGen solutions can be used to help achieve a telehealth initiative at your facility. PeriGen can provide remote perinatal telemonitoring to enable nurses at larger urban/suburban hospitals to monitor mothers and babies across multiple facilities from a central monitoring location. Patterned after a cardiac telemetry unit, a central monitoring station provides oversight within your hospital, across the healthcare organization and/or contracted hospitals. These remote clinical services help to bridge the gap in care for large health systems, community hospitals, and rural hospitals.

Monitor From
Central Location

Ability to monitor single or multiple sites with a consultative role from a central monitoring location.

Surveillance At
All Stages

Continuous monitoring at all stages of perinatal care (antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum). Transmission of patient assessment including continuous electronic fetal monitoring, vital signs, and additional metrics.

Promote Patient

Provide increased surveillance of high-risk patients with additional, experienced staff observing patients. Synchronize and expedite patient care.


Shared costs between the monitoring and monitored facility, with the monitored facility receiving technology at a fraction of the cost.

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