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Automated platform works alongside existing perinatal system to help labor and delivery clinicians quickly, easily and consistently identify patients developing worsening conditions

TAMPA, Fla.June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — AWHONN Conference (Booth #1001) — PeriGen, the global leader in applying artificial intelligence to obstetrical care, today announced the availability of the first automated fetal and maternal early warning system, PeriWatch™ Vigilance™. The company will showcase the system at the 2018 AWHONN Convention taking place June 23-27 at the Tampa Convention Center.

Multiple peer-reviewed studies indicate that more than 50 percent of bad outcomes in childbirth are preventable, with the vast majority of them showing delayed recognition and response to clear critical warning signs. This has led to the creation of checklists designed to draw clinical attention to worsening conditions, but these checklists add significant documentation burden, and good compliance is arduous if not impossible in clinical settings. PeriWatch Vigilance automates real-time identification of patients with these warning signs, providing clinicians with standardized analysis and timely alerting of troubling trends such that they can follow protocols in a more consistent and timely way. Critical data elements and trends in fetal heartrate abnormalities, maternal vital signs and labor progress are shown in a single, time-aligned view spanning several hours.

PeriWatch Vigilance runs independently of existing fetal surveillance systems; it does not require their replacement and can be implemented at a single hospital or across an enterprise in a matter of weeks at a cost and effort that is a fraction of most enterprise systems. Vigilance interfaces with all leading EMRs, supports existing workflows and is supported by a 24 hour support desk based in Cary, NC.

To celebrate the system’s debut at AWHONN, for every demonstration of Vigilance given on the show floor, PeriGen will make a donation to the AWHONN ‘Every Woman, Every Baby’ research and education fund. This will include a base gift and an incremental $25 for each demonstration completed. This charity supports lifelong learning for nurses, research that leads to improving nursing practice and patient care, as well as education and activities that provide information and resources for women and their families.

“The statistics around preventable maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality are sobering, fortunately innovation can make a difference here,” said Matthew Sappern, CEO of PeriGen. “With the rising complexity of care in obstetrics, early warning systems can help clinicians intervene on time. We are also proud to support AWHONN’s ‘Every Woman, Every Baby’ research and education program.”

Hands-on demonstrations of the new software will take place at PeriGen’s booth #1001. Click here to reserve a demo time.