LaborWatch platform employs artificial intelligence (AI)-driven maternal-fetal assessments and escalates persistent issues through automated SMS notifications.

CARY, N.C.Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PeriGen Inc., the global leader in AI-powered perinatal care solutions, today announced the general availability of LaborWatch, following its first successful implementation across a major U.S. health system. This groundbreaking platform enhances intrapartum patient safety by providing hospital leadership with timely and transparent notifications of persistent deteriorating trends in laboring patients occurring across their hospital or health system.

“Senior quality and risk management executives at PeriGen’s client sites regularly ask for a more direct, consistent, and accessible mechanism to identify the most problematic cases sooner rather than later,” said Matthew Sappern, CEO of PeriGen. “LaborWatch is highly configurable and extremely discriminating so as not to be a nuisance, but it does reduce surprises for all executives who have to manage the fallout of a bad outcome.”

Labor and delivery units operate in a fast-paced and dynamic environment where distractions, delayed recognition, and a loss of situational awareness jeopardize patient safety. Failures in communication are especially problematic in the highly litigious obstetrics service line. Recognizing the importance of uncompromised patient safety, PeriGen developed LaborWatch to empower health system leaders with proactive tools addressing potential threats to maternal-fetal health.

LaborWatch is powered by PeriWatch Vigilance, the only commercially available AI-based maternal-fetal early warning system in the United States, to automatically detect abnormal patient conditions and notify the chain of command within a configured timeframe. When the time threshold is reached, preselected hospital leaders receive real-time notifications, enabling prompt clinical interventions and ensuring that the most serious cases are properly escalated up the chain of command. This streamlined approach ensures hospital leaders are informed promptly of critical situations.

PeriGen remains committed to revolutionizing healthcare through innovative technologies that enhance patient outcomes. LaborWatch is yet another example of the power of artificial intelligence to support clinical decision-making. The launch of LaborWatch solidifies PeriGen’s leadership position in the industry, empowering healthcare providers to deliver safer and more efficient care to expectant mothers and their newborns.

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PeriGen Inc., a Halma company, offers innovative perinatal software solutions that incorporate advanced statistical analysis features to enhance clinical efficiency and standardization of care during childbirth. Led by skilled OB practitioners and IT visionaries, PeriGen has created the PeriWatch® platform to provide consistent analysis and efficient display of complex data to promote better human recognition and communication about impending problems during labor. With PeriWatch®, clinicians can spend more time on direct patient care and less time on manual calculations and data manipulation. To learn more, visit; visit us on TwitterLinkedInYouTube, and Facebook; or email

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