PeriGen, an innovator of perinatal early warning systems, announced that it will release PeriWatch Vigilance™, the first automated fetal and maternal early warning platform.

PeriWatch Vigilance™ is a new early warning platform for obstetrics that automatically identifies patients whose conditions are worsening, facilitating more timely interventions. Vigilance augments currently installed fetal surveillance systems, providing a critical layer of patient safety without requiring a hospital to “rip and replace” current systems. The “always on” software uses proprietary intelligent algorithms to analyze maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions and labor progress in real time, informing clinicians of emerging abnormalities. Specific thresholds and automated checklists can be configured according to each institution’s preferences.

Multiple peer-reviewed studies indicate that more than 50 percent of bad outcomes in childbirth are preventable, with the vast majority of them showing delayed recognition and response to clear critical warning signs. This has led to the creation of checklists designed to draw clinical attention to worsening conditions, but these checklists add significant documentation burden, and good compliance is arduous if not impossible in clinical settings. PeriWatch Vigilance™ automates real-time identification of patients with these warning signs, providing clinicians with standardized analysis and timely alerting of troubling trends such that they can follow protocols in a more consistent and timely way. Critical data elements and trends in fetal heart rate abnormalities, maternal vital signs and labor progress are shown in a single, time-aligned view spanning several hours.

“Delayed response to clinical warning signs is by far the leading human factor found in severe birth-related morbidity,” said Matthew Sappern, CEO of PeriGen. “The tireless analyses performed by PeriWatch Vigilance™ help clinicians see worrisome trends at a glance, and intervene before it is too late. Use of early warning systems as well as the PeriWatch modules has been associated with a reduction in morbidity.”

PeriWatch Vigilance™ runs independently of existing fetal surveillance systems; it does not require their replacement and can be implemented at a single hospital or across an enterprise at a cost and effort that is a fraction of most enterprise systems. Vigilance interfaces with all leading EMRs, supports existing workflows and is supported by a 24 hour support desk based in Cary, NC

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