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PeriGen Announces Innovative Perinatal Data Display Tool Addressing Information Overload

Brings Patents Library to 23

PRINCETON, N.J. ─ September 10, 2013 PeriGen the global leader in applying real-time clinical decision support to perinatal systems, announced today it has received notification from the European Patent Office of their intent to grant a patent for application 07 290 544.1. has risen to 23 issued patents.

This patent covers specialized techniques to display patient data to help obstetrical (OB) clinicians more easily recognize important trends and hazardous deviations from normal health conditions. It reduces the problem of information overload which is prevalent in modern day electronic medical records.
In conjunction with standard fetal heart rate and uterine contraction data, the new displays show multiple time-aligned views of other key data elements such as maternal vital signs, medications administered, or analyses such as heart rate categorization or variability. OB clinicians can choose to display the specific data elements that are most pertinent to each patient and unique circumstances, as well as receive alerts when values exceed safety limits.

“This patent’s real-time targeted data display tool is valuable to physicians and nurses who work in high- risk labor and delivery units where having immediate access to the right knowledge to make informed decisions can prevent tragic consequences,” said Matthew Sappern, PeriGen’s CEO. “Not only must clinicians consider two patients, mother and baby, they often track several different aspects of their health at the same time. This new display technique helps them to see the key information they want, quickly and efficiently.

Since the company’s inception in 2009, PeriGen has committed significant financial and clinical labor resources to create innovation in perinatal informatics that help clinicians meet and exceed the expected standards of OB care.

“PeriGen thrives on innovation,” Sappern noted. “Our extensive patent library is based on our clinical team’s research and their steady track record of developing new approaches to help clinicians make labor and delivery safer for mothers and their babies.”

“We are especially excited that the timing of this patent coincides with our ongoing software development work of actually creating and introducing this novel way of displaying new OB data,” said PeriGen Chief Technology Officer Michael Pritts.

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About PeriGen, Inc.
PeriGen, Inc., is an innovative provider of fetal surveillance systems employing patented, pattern-recognition and obstetrics technologies that empower perinatal clinicians to make confident, real-time decisions about the mothers and babies in their care. PeriGen’s customer-centric team of clinicians and technologists builds the most advanced systems available to augment obstetric decision-making and improve communications among the clinical team at the point of care, while supporting data flow between healthcare IT systems.

PeriGen’s unique fetal surveillance products provide dynamic visual cues that direct clinicians to the most essential patient information displayed on the screen. Unlike legacy fetal monitoring devices and software from non-specialst companies, PeriGen Visual Cueing™ provides and instant view of the mother’s and baby’s current status and trends over time to avoid errors, increasing patient safety and reducing risk for clinicians and hospitals. For more information, please visit us at