by Matthew Sappern, Chief Executive Officer

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-success”]If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning. – Larry Page, ex-CEO of Google[/fruitful_alert]

PeriGen is painting the future of OB

I hope this edition of PeriNews finds you well.

Few and far between are the individuals like Larry Page, quoted above, who possess the relentless internal motor, intellect, confidence, and sheer moxie to single handedly drive high degrees of change.

As a motivated, inquisitive but mere mortal by comparison, I like to work with others to identify areas of real need and approaches to meeting them.  I’d like to think that Larry and I will end up in the same place — changing the world — but that my party has more people!

When meeting with health systems, I am often asked “Why is PeriGen different from the other fetal surveillance vendors?”  It is an easy answer.  Continuing innovation and clinical improvement is central to our culture.  We maintain medical staff.  We maintain research staff.  We continually interact with our clients to look for new avenues where technology can help inform clinicians.

Proof of this was very evident during PeriGen’s recent OB 3.0 Leadership Conference. This tight-knit event brought together some really bright obstetric leaders, a handful of experienced labor & delivery clinicians, a few technology wizards, and a leading malpractice attorney to define the current challenges facing obstetrics today and their potential solutions.

The outcome of our discussions went well beyond the usual healthcare platitudes. We outlined our most pressing unmet needs and the characteristics of their potential solutions along with the scope of what we’ll need to do to make them happen.  Look for the eBook soon.

Work worth doing indeed.