Webinar: Nurses as Activists: Spreading Seeds of Love and Hope

Dr. Michelle Dusseau, Ph.D.
Associate Lecturer at UCF

Dr. Michelle Dusseau, Ph.D. is an associate lecturer in the Nicholson school of communication and media. Over the last sixteen years at UCF she has taught fourteen different communication classes, specializing in relational communication and social change. Dr. Dusseau’s applied research area and corporate coaching strategies focus on conflict resolution, human behavior motivation, and development of emotional intelligence awareness.

At PeriGen we applaud the dedication of frontline clinicians and your tireless commitment to patient care during this ongoing pandemic. As we start this new year, we know that you have not had a break from the additional workload this pandemic has required. Join us for this free, motivational presentation presented by Dr. Michelle Dusseau, Ph.D., associate lecturer at UCF, with the hopes of keeping your battery fueled.

This presentation will explore basics of frontline activism in nursing, self-care tactics for essential workers, and basic communication skills for complex dialogues.

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