I am so very excited to initiate a new newsletter which will enjoy regular circulation throughout our PeriGen family every quarter. Over time, we hope to engage some of PeriGen’s less shy clients as special contributors, and we are investigating interactive aspects as well. We hope to facilitate sharing across our customer base and provide a comprehensive view on practice across country and hopefully the world.

2014 has been quite a year for PeriGen.

It is shaping up to be the single best year in terms of sales of the PeriCALM platform, which is critical because the more hospitals that use PeriGen, the more feedback we receive to inform our product development efforts, and the more resources we can commit to bring those suggestions to light as commercialized software.

Some highlights:

  • We have added a record number of clients from across the country – and a corresponding number of EMRs with which we now have interface packages, such as Epic, McKesson, MediTech, Allscripts, Cerner, CPSI and others. (Click to see who has joined the PeriGen family.)
  • We entered into an agreement with McKesson, to provide fetal surveillance systems to its Horizon client base and to jointly and exclusively develop comprehensive interfacing with Paragon.
  • We also reached an agreement to provide Patterns clinical decision support, as well as PeriCALM Tracings, available on the Airstrip and Sense4Baby platforms, so those of you who are (or want to ) utilize Airstrip technologies will have that ability.
  • Perhaps more immediately relevant, we have invested in more client-facing personnel and product management roles to strengthen our understanding of how customers use our solutions and, more importantly, where you see areas for improvement.
  • We received a few new patents which we are busily developing as the backbone for new, commercial tools.
  • Quite excitingly, we completed and released a new version of PeriCALM – version 03.18.02 – which includes significant infrastructure uplift in areas such as Active Directory support, it also resolves the root cause of or most universal support calls, so we expect user satisfaction to increase. (Click to see details on the new version of PeriCALM)

We are busy at working closely with a number of you to test or pilot some new offerings which will come to market in 2015 and continue to improve the level of data you have available to inform your clinical thinking.

After the New Year, I and my management team will make a concerted effort to get in the field to see and hear from as many clients as we can. I look forward to that opportunity.

Warm Regards,
Matthew Sappern
Chief Executive Officer