CEO of PeriGen, Matthew Sappern, was recently featured on the Legal Nurse Podcast.

Pat Iyer and Matthew Sappern discuss how technology can reduce adverse events and fetal outcomes in the events surrounding childbirth.

The podcast includes:

  • How is the technology more precise than just the human eye?
  • Since OB is a highly litigated service line, is it possible that computer-driven analysis increases a nurse or provider’s malpractice exposure?
  • Technology helps calculate the fetal heart rate, but also won’t this be a crutch that might dumb down a nurse?
  • When the focus of the nurse has gone to from the “patient” to the “computer.” How does adding MORE systems help rather hurt?

Listen here: 

Legal Nurse Podcast is hosted by Pat Iyer, a well known, respected expert in the field of legal nurse consulting.  She has written, edited, or coauthored over 800 chapters, books, case studies, online courses or articles about the topic of legal nurse consulting. Pat served on the board of directors of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants for 5 years including a year as president of the association.