Webinar: The Joint Commission Releases New Perinatal Core
Performance Measure, Are you Ready?

On January 1, 2019, The Joint Commission will require all hospitals seeking Perinatal Care (PC) certification to collect data and report a new Perinatal Care performance measure. The PC-06 “Unexpected Complications in Term Newborns” measure is intended to track moderate-to-severe adverse outcomes in the 90 percent of otherwise healthy infants without preexisting conditions. The new requirement will be added to the existing five measures for Joint Commission accredited hospitals with at least 300 live births per year.

We collaborated with The Joint Commission on this presentation to ensure our interpretation reflects their intent with this new measure.

A recording of a recent webinar by Dr. Alana McGolrick, DNP, RNC-OB, C-EFM, Chief Nursing Officer at PeriGen, is below. You can access the slide deck here.

Presentation Slide Deck
Presentation Slide Deck
Presentation Recording

Expecting the Unexpected

The Joint Commission’s goal with the new measure is to both eliminate the data gap and reduce unexpected complications of term newborns. Labor and delivery (L&D) care teams, however, have many distractions and an unpredictable flow of patients, which makes patient care more challenging. Care teams often manage simultaneous deliveries and must focus on higher-risk mothers and babies, which leaves less time for percieved uncomplicated cases.

Studies show that 50 percent or more of poor outcomes in childbirth are preventable

AI-Driven Newborn Complication Prediction and Prevention

Fortunately, PeriGen solutions allow for early identification of maternal or fetal intolerance of labor. PeriWatch Vigilance™ artificial intelligence-driven maternal-fetal early warning system (EWS) helps care teams initiate early interventions and potentially avoid unexpected complications in the term newborn.

Here is just a sampling of the associated PC-06 Unexpected Complications in Term Newborns metrics L&D units can track and analyze:

  • Percentage of newborns receiving oxygen during neonatal resuscitation
  • Percentage of newborns receiving ventilatory support during neonatal resuscitation
  • Percentage of newborns receiving compressions and/or resuscitative medications during neonatal resuscitation
  • Percentage of births with NICU transfer
  • Unexpected newborn complications rate (severe, moderate)
  • Percentage of births with 5-minute Apgar score between 0 and 6
  • Percentage of births with a 10-minute Apgar of less than 3
  • Severe newborn morbidity among delivering women with hemorrhage

PeriWatch Vigilance is designed to help clinicians identify troubling trends earlier and more consistently than manual assessments and creates a common language for nurses and physicians to assess cases.

A maternal-fetal early warning system reduces unanticipated NICU usage by 52 percent

EHR Integration and Streamlined Reporting

Another aspect of The Joint Commission’s new PC-06 measure is data capture and reporting, which can be another time-consuming task in a clinician’s already busy day. PeriGen’s solutions automatically capture and share data with a hospital’s EHR due to true bi-directional interfacing.  Robust reporting allows the patient care teams to monitor PC-06 trends for continuous improvement.

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