Perinatal Early Warning System Designed to Help Protect Mothers and Babies During Childbirth

NEW YORK, New York, March 9, 2020 – IronHealth, the healthcare professional liability and stop loss unit of Ironshore, has entered into a preferred partnership with PeriGen, a perinatal software solutions provider, offering insureds access to leading-edge obstetrics artificial intelligence systems. PeriGen’s FDA-cleared artificial intelligence (AI) tools help clinicians identify continuous clinical warning signs in childbirth. IronHealth’s customers can apply IronHealth’s risk management reimbursement dollars towards “PeriWatch Vigilance,” PeriGen’s early warning system designed to promote patient safety and optimal outcomes during childbirth.

“We are excited to enter into this partnership that provides IronHealth insureds preferred access to innovative labor and delivery decision support to protect moms and babies,” stated IronHealth President, Lainie Dorneker.

IronHealth’s risk management reimbursement dollars can be used by insureds toward products and services, including Healthcare IT, related to risk management quality and performance initiatives. PeriGen now joins the ranks of providers, and is the only obstetrics AI technology partner, whose services can be accessed by clients at favorable pricing when utilizing those funds.

“IronHealth enters into affiliations with leading healthcare providers, enabling insureds to take advantage of innovative risk management tools and resources at favorable pricing,” said Ms. Dorneker. “While specific to each partner, our insureds can stretch available risk management dollars to access a range of quality programs and services to improve the efficacy of healthcare outcomes.”

Medical studies have revealed that the majority of adverse outcomes for mother and infant related to childbirth are considered avoidable, according to PeriGen research and peer reviews. To help mitigate risks, PeriWatch Vigilance AI-based technology continuously analyzes fetal heart rate patterns. The system also can assess evolving maternal factors that reflect health and labor progression. For both fetal and maternal abnormalities, the PeriWatch Vigilance platform was designed
to provide timely and consistent recognition and notification to clinicians within their existing workflow regarding aberrant values and trends.

PeriWatch Vigilance works in tandem with a healthcare organization’s existing electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) and electronic medical records (EMR) systems, cost-effectively providing an extra layer of patient safety without requiring the hospital to replace legacy technology.

Matthew Sappern, Chief Executive Officer of PeriGen, noted, “The sustainability of quality healthcare services, especially in highly litigious specialties such as obstetrics, depends on innovation; a fact for which IronHealth has a deep appreciation. We are pleased to partner with the IronHealth team and its insureds to advance best practices in obstetric clinician performance and attention to patient care and safety.”

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PeriGen offers innovative perinatal software solutions that incorporate advanced statistical analysis features to enhance clinical efficiency and standardization of care during childbirth. Led by skilled Obstetrics practitioners and technology professionals, PeriGen has created the PeriWatch ® platform to provide consistent analysis and timely display of complex data in real-time to promote better human recognition and communication about impending problems during labor. With PeriWatch ®, clinicians can spend more time on direct patient care and less time on manual calculations and data manipulation. To learn more, visit