Early Warning Systems

The use of early warning systems is an emerging standard for labor & delivery to combat the rising rate pregnancy-related mortality in the United States.  They are recommended by over 21 professional obstetric associations and societies because their use is associated with substantially improved care and reduced maternal morbidity.

Birth-Related Mortality Rates in the US

An Automated Early Warning System for L&D

PeriWatch Vigilance® is a Perinatal Early Warning System that notifies clinicians about patients whose conditions are worsening. Using an artificial intelligence-based approach, it continuously analyzes fetal heart rate, contractions, labor progression, and provides maternal vital signs alerts. Notification thresholds can be configured by each institution and the actual alerts appear on the department census board. The enterprise wide PeriWatch Vigilance® platform is simple to implement with minimal interfacing to all EMRs including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Allscripts. It adds powerful early warning capabilities, working alongside your existing fetal surveillance system.

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