L&D leadershipSix Focuses for a Happy L&D Unit

Take a look at your L&D unit bulletin board and tell us: Is there at least one piece of paper dealing with employee satisfaction?

Let’s face it. When asked to complete questionnaires about how we view our work and our performance, many of us glaze over. Especially when those questions seem standardized and unrelated to what we really do and where we really work.

This certainly is the case as well for nurse managers using tools such as Gallup’s Q12 to assess their team’s engagement and work satisfaction. This applies even more so for high-stress units such as labor & delivery where the intrinsic life value of helping to bring life is tempered by the demands of patient attention, documentation, and lots of long hours and hard work.

This week Rose Sherman, the editor of the blog Emerging Nurse Leader, summarizes how to put results from employee surveys like Gallup Q12 to effective use. She highlight six (of the way too many) questions for serious focus by managers looking to measure and improve employee satisfaction:

  1. Clearly defined expectations
  2. Necessary tools & equipment
  3. Opportunity to use strengths
  4. Recognition & praise
  5. Empathy with manager
  6. A mentor

Four of these are areas where nurse managers have direct control. #2 and #6 are certainly in a nurse manager’s sphere of influence.

To read Rose’s article click here