In a recent post by Roberta Mullin in HealthIT Answers, PeriGen CEO, Matthew Sappern was asked his thoughts and predictions on technology and health equity in 2022.

Matthew Sappern, CEO, PeriGen
Twitter: @PeriGen

When one considers that more than half the bad outcomes in term pregnancies in the U.S. are avoidable, it is certainly justified that maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity are gaining a measure of attention of late. Frustratingly, most of these events root back to delayed recognition, escalation, and treatment of clinical warning signs. These problems persist even after decades of training and simulations, status quo never drives change. Change in this venue requires embracing technologies built to provide timely, standardized assessments of how mom and baby are tolerating labor. These tools help counter clinical bias and normalization of deviance, and ultimately support bedside nurses and their patients regardless of geography, race or socioeconomic status.