EFM may be 49, but it’s still growing, it’s still going strong!

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 50 years since the first commercial FHR monitor was introduced. Most EFM have changed little since then, but here at PeriGen we believe its improvement has just begun.

After all, this year we have introduced yet another innovation — PeriWatch HUB, the first electronic early warning system for labor & delivery patients. It’s designed to bring patients experiencing critical conditions into high relief so that clinical teams can focus on those patients needing their care the most.

Come see HUB at AWHONN Booth 121!

We’ll be showcasing HUB and all of the PeriGen innovations at this year’s AWHONN National Convention Booth 121. Come take a look, learn about how HUB, developed in collaboration with Ochsner Health, provides a brand new way to see patient vitals, labor progress, and tracing. While there, register for a chance at an EFM designation exam scholarship through the Perinatal Quality Foundation.