Countless Interface and Integration Capabilities

With the introduction of PeriWatch’s true bi-directional interfacing, PeriGen now gives you a system that makes labor & delivery units happy because they’re capturing data important for care using a workflow that makes sense for their processes, while pushing and pulling data through to your EHR.

But PeriGen does something even more important for you:  It gives you best-of-class tools for obstetric charting and decision support using an enterprise architecture.  This combination improves efficiency for both clinicians in labor & delivery and IT services.  And it does it in ways that lower the cost of ownership.  Improved workflow translates to less time charting and more time on patient care.

Above all, PeriGen software is easy to install, easy to administer and maintain, and easy to upgrade.
Key features include the following (mouse over for details):

Fits your Facility Needs

Comprehensive, customizable modules

Lower cost of ownership

Reduced management & resources investment

Boosts resource efficiency

Centralized resources, processes & procedures makes installation, upgrade, reporting & surveillance a breeze

Enterprise licensing

Single enterprise licensing, no per-user fees, fewer OS & server licenses

Enterprise infrastructure support

Virtual (VMware & HyperV) and Citrix infrastructures supported

Key system interfacing

Integrates with your registration and EMR systems.

Easy-on-you upgrades

Regular upgrades, including industry-accepted changes, at no cost

Data Available Where Needed

Cold-feed of any printable screens as well as bi-directional EHR integration

Ease of Administration

Centralized authentication with Active Directory

Making life easier for users (and you too)

Fully-automated Single Sign-On (SSO)

Remote access

Access any information via Citrix

Self help built in

User documentation integrated into application, customer portal & support open 24/7

Clinical interfacing flexibility

Adapts to preferred clinical workflow, including annotation on the strip, with data flowing in real-time to the EHR

Secure, automatic storage of a month + of data

DAS technology automatically stores EFM data even when EHR is down