Labor & Delivery Charting that doesn’t depend on your EMR


PeriWatch Tracings designed by clinicians for clinicians to provide smoother workflow

PeriWatch Chart Maternal offers a comprehensive perinatal and postpartum documentation solution designed by clinicians to match the preferred workflow of both labor & delivery nurses and physicians.  Labor & delivery charting is facilitated by forms built to include all of the data needed for both compliance and care.  Fields and forms are ordered logically and intuitively.  PeriWatch Chart can be used both as the only documentation interface, sending data automatically to the EMR, or side-by-side with your EMR with data exchanged smoothly between the two systems.

PeriWatch Chart offers those looking for comprehensive perinatal documentation a solution that matches their preferred workflow and data exchange.  

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PeriWatch Chart Newborn

Designed to match the rigorous demands of neonatal clinicians, PeriWatch Chart Newborn is a comprehensive, easy-to-use documentation resource for those  looking to augment or upgrade EMR charting for newborn care through NICU Level 3.  The unique charting features include delivery data shared automatically, general assessment forms, point-and-click head-to-toe assessment, tests and procedures, handoff forms, and a nurse daily sheet.

PeriWatch Chart Newborn is a unique documentation solution designed and preferred by neonatal clinicians because of its easy to use, but comprehensive interface.

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A product of neural networks, clinical research & a passion for obstetrics

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The first electronic maternity early warning dashboard

Powered by today’s most advanced perinatal analytics, HUB puts the power of selective attention to work for your labor & delivery team.

Take a fresh look at your patient’s tracing

The algorithms used by PeriWatch Cues to identify NICHD-defined FHR patterns use neural networks trained on thousands of real examples.

Dilation + Station > Time

The increased sensitivity and agreement provided by PeriWatch Curve is the result of a totally different model of labor progress. This one uses dilation and station.

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