Multifactorial labor curve can help improve precision of labor assessment

Cary, N.C.––April 4, 2023––PeriGen Inc, the global leader in AI-powered perinatal care solutions, has contributed an Expert Review article on the evolution of labor curves in a special issue published by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, dedicated to all aspects of labor and delivery.

The study highlights the limitations of first- and second-generation average labor cur

PeriGen’s PeriWatch Vigilance Labor Curve

ves based solely on time, as normal labors can exhibit significant variation in rates of dilation. A leading technique to improve labor curve precision is to identify the top sources of variation and incorporate them into the model.

PeriGen’s PeriWatch Vigilance early warning system and clinical decision support solution includes a labor curve that employs this approach, and is the only labor curve cleared for clinical use by the FDA. The study’s findings have important implications for clinical practice, particularly in terms of determining when to initiate interventions such as oxytocin augmentation or cesarean delivery.

“The multifactor-method in PeriWatch Vigilance reflects how clinicians assess labor”, said Dr. Kimberlee McKay, chief medical officer at PeriGen.  “Clinicians do consider many factors––not just the passage of time. PeriGen’s labor curve promotes consistency in assessing labor in a way that enables clinicians to make better-informed decisions for each individual patient.”

“We are very pleased to have been invited to share our ideas about assessing labor progression in this highly respected journal,” said lead author Dr. Emily F. Hamilton.

To read the full study, please click here. To learn more about PeriWatch Vigilance, visit PeriGen’s website at

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