PeriWatch Vigilance™

An automated Early Warning System that notifies clinicians about patients whose conditions are worsening. Using artificial intelligence and other analytical techniques, it continuously analyzes maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions and labor progression. PeriWatch Vigilance™ can integrate with any EFM. It includes Cues, Curve, HUB, and review.

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Clinical Decision Support

PeriWatch Vigilance™ HUB

PeriGen's intelligent perinatal dashboard, HUB

PeriWatch Vigilance™ HUB is an intelligent perinatal dashboard designed in collaboration with Ochsner Health to facilitate the timely recognition of maternity patients developing critical illness.

Most valued features include:

  • Prioritizes patients based on your threshold settings for vital signs, labor progress, and fetal heart rate patters
  • Enterprise-wide solution that’s easy to implement and use.
  • Delivers patient notifications to the EMR chalkboard for a quick and easy look at patients across the facility
  • Acts as a clinical tool at the bedside, nurse’s station or as part of a centralized rapid response center.
  • Enterprise-wide view can be manned by a single patient safety nurse or other clinician to monitor patients across an entire health system from one screen
  • Consolidated for intrapartum, antepartum and postpartum patients