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Building your PeriGen Business Case

Business Case Resources

Unlike many healthcare technology partners, PeriGen is all about making sure our client partnerships are win-win relationships. So instead of just presenting a quote, we take the time to ask you the right questions:

  • What are you biggest labor & delivery clinical and technology challenges?
  • If you could “fix” something about your current EFM what would it be?
  • How is your team’s performance measured?  How about yours?

With this starting information in hand, we show you how PeriGen can help and then we roll up our sleeves and work with you to develop a business plan.  It’s the blueprint for how PeriGen will help, point-by-point.  It’s a process we’re quite proud of because it works, making your life easier and making sure that everyone realizes what’s on the line and what solutions can be expected.

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Here are two template resources you may find useful as you start putting together your business case for investing in new perinatal software and fetal heart monitoring software systems.

Basic Word Business Case Template (provided by Health & Human Services)

Leadership Thoughts: A Perfect Business Case Template