Like much of the PeriGen management team, I spend A LOT of time with our customers.  I love hearing how we are helping, how we can help more with enhancements or different solutions, and where we are stepping on our own feet; after all, we can’t correct course without this valuable input.  In fact, PeriGen’s history is forged in collaboration with our clients.  We have developed software together, published studies together – I like to think we have saved lives together.  But we have ignored the power of customers collaborating with each other – until now!  I am very pleased and excited to introduce you all to the PeriGen User Community.  Here you all can direct to each other – and us – questions, comments, ideas, etc.  Get tips and tricks from your colleagues, build relationships and establish helpful resources.  PeriGen users are a powerful force and I hope you all harness this platform and make it THE go to resource for you and your colleagues.  The more users, the better the information!  To sign up, simply visit

Thank you all for being part of the PeriGen family.