Different EFM InterpretationSally has worked as a labor & delivery nurse for twelve years. Her team brags that she can interpret a strip from 15 feet away. Today she’s teamed up with Laura, a 3-year veteran, taking care of a high-risk mother in early labor.

While Sally’s taking lunch, Laura starts seeing some variable decels. She pulls up a new software program her hospital has provided, reviewing the last four hours of tracing to see if she can see a pattern of variability. Not yet, but she thinks it’s something to keep an eye on.

Before taking her own lunch break, she suggests that Sally keep an eye on the trend line shown in the new tool. Sally’s not sold on the new tool, so she continues to watch the shorter views, noting the decels and baselines with her experienced eyes.

On September 28th, from noon – 12:30 PM ET, learn how even the most experienced clinicians often disagree about the interpretation of FHR tracings and misjudge the duration of abnormality that can be highlighted by modern perinatal technology.

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