07 Nov

Back from the honeymoon

Shaping the Future of Perinatal CareBy Matthew Sappern, CEO

Well, it’s been five weeks since we announced the combination of PeriGen and WatchChild and by any and all accounts…so far so good! Of course, most honeymoons are great. Now we start the hard work; the work to continue delighting our customers.

If you have had the opportunity to interact with the WatchChild or PeriGen teams in the last four weeks, you’ve probably noticed – no difference! The personnel you turned to for support, training, implementation services and account management are all the same. The development team remains the same as well and is continuing to enhance the  platform. In fact, we are all focused on the next WatchChild release, which we anticipate making generally available in the January timeframe. But we did not bring these two companies together to maintain the status quo. On the contrary, we are looking to accelerate innovation and in early 2017 bring to all of you more tools designed to benefit both clinicians and the IT teams that support them.

In the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting with both WatchChild and PeriCALM customers to hear firsthand about the customer experience and I look forward to meeting many more over the coming months. In the last few weeks, I have also spent quite a bit of time with the entire WatchChild and PeriGen team. I am very impressed. I have reinforced their existing commitment to customer service and made it clear that customer satisfaction is a critical goal company-wide and one for which everyone is empowered and everyone plays a part. I am confident that in the coming months you will find that the commitment to your satisfaction continues unwavering.

Matthew Sappern is PeriGen's Chief Executive OfficerThough it will take a bit of time, I look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me and, of course, the familiar WatchChild and PeriGen faces if there is anything that we can do for you. I hope that you are excited by the merger of these two great companies and knowing that you now have more people and resources focused on maternal and fetal safety and on developing innovative solutions for you.

27 Sep

PeriGen & WatchChild Combine Forces

Shaping the Future of Perinatal Care Together

A New Era in Obstetrics Begins

PeriGen’s acquisition of the WatchChild Fetal Monitoring System will result in access to the most comprehensive perinatal safety platform available.

Current users of both PeriGen’s PeriCALM and WatchChild system will continue to be fully supported and can, in the future, expect access to additional clinical, analytic, and expanded enterprise software management tools.

Steven Clark, M.D., professor of maternal fetal medicine at Baylor College commented on the new partnership: “I’ve had the pleasure of working independently on research projects with the PeriGen team and seeing how well their technology can augment nursing for the benefit of patients, clinicians, and research teams. As a current WatchChild customer, I am excited about this combination.”

The combined entity will be led by PeriGen chief executive officer Matthew Sappern. The management team will include senior executives from both companies, including the appointment of Brian Bishop, currently the general manager of WatchChild, as chief product officer.

For more information, please call 877.700.4755, email info@perigen.com or click here