19 May

News from Ochsner Baptist

It’s been a short three months since PeriCALM® went live at Ochsner Baptist, but Melanie Williams, Director of Labor & Delivery is already seeing a positive impact.

“We’ve had 17 new nurses start since January 1st and PeriCALM Patterns is our saving grace,” says Melanie.

Like many obstetric units, Ochsner Baptist is seeing many of their more experienced clinicians retire and bringing on board less experienced nurses.  PeriCALM Patterns provides her team with a “safety net” for tracing assessment that, in conjunction with mentoring, reinforces their EFM skills in real-time, at a glance.

About Ochsner Baptist

Located in New Orleans, LA, Ochsner Baptist is home to a state-of-the-art Women’s Pavilion that makes it easier for women of all ages to connect to the expert they need. The site offers both standard and specialized obstetric and gynecological care that includes robotic surgery and high-risk maternal-fetal specialists.  The labor & delivery unit includes private perinatal and postpartum rooms, alternative birthing options such as water births and spa services.

About PeriCALM® Patterns™

Using NICHD guidelines, PeriGen’s patented pattern-recognition tool helps clinicians distinguish important labor trends.  While providing simultaneous, real-time viewing of FHR and contraction details, it also includes a four-hour view of the strip for trend analysis and visual cues that enable intuitive assessment of labor.  In addition, Patterns calculates and presents FHR patterns and contraction measures such as Montevideo units.

10 Mar

Ochsner Baptist Celebrates PeriCALM Launch

Ochsner Baptist celebrates launch of PeriCALM

Melanie Williams, Director of Labor & Delivery and Dr. Alfred Robichaux, Ochsner Chairman of Women’s Services are joined by their PeriGen Clinical & Technical Implementation Team during the launch of Ochsner Baptist’s new obstetric patient safety system

Led by Dr. Alfred Robichaux, Chairman of Women’s Services for Ochsner Health, the Ochsner Baptist team just went live with PeriGen’s clinical decision support system, PeriCALM.

Ochsner Baptist is a one-of-a-kind facility serving uptown New Orleans.  Their Women’s Pavilion offers expert care and advanced birthing services, including alternative birthing options such as water births, spa-like services, and state-of-the-art imaging.

The new PeriCALM clinical decision support system is designed to supply Ochsner Baptist with real-time labor analysis while integrating seamlessly with their electronic health record system, so that clinicians spend more time on patient care and less on cumbersome documentation and number-crunching.