08 Feb

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AWHONN CA Convention

PeriGen is proud to be supporting this year’s AWHONN California Section Conference, scheduled for February 17th and 18th at the DoubleTree by Hilton at the Berkeley Marina. Rebecca Cypher, PeriGen’s CNO, will be launching the pre-conference with a presentation on “Advanced Monitoring Concepts for Clinical Practice” and also greeting attendees at the PeriGen table.

We’re also offering a limited number of copies of our clinical research team’s latest work, published by Becker’s Hospital Management, “HIT & Clinical Synergy: A decade of decreasing NICU admissions & stabilizing cesarean rates.” This research summary outlines how one system combined leadership commitment, process improvement strategies and advanced technology to lower NICU rates and extraordinary resuscitation and control c-section rates. The work serves as a blueprint for those systems looking to achieve similar results.

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About the research

“HIT & Clinical Synergy: A decade of decreasing NICU admissions & stabilizing cesarean rates” is co-authored by PeriGen’s Clinical Research leader Emily Hamilton. It appeared in Becker’s Hospital Management earlier this year.

The research uses retrospective analysis of 78,000 singleton births from a health system serving Maryland. The research uses a before-and-after comparison to identify factors leading to a statistically significant reduction in three metrics: NICU admissions, the use of newborn resuscitation, and the rate of cesareans.

18 Feb

AWHONN CA Section Conference

What you need to know…

The average temperature in San Diego is a bit cooler this time of year, usually in the 50’s, so you’ll be less tempted by the fun stuff to do while you’re attending this year’s California AWHONN Section Conference.  Nevertheless, there’s plenty of temptation.  Which of these would be your favorite?

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31 Jul

Perinatal Outcomes Focus @ AWHONN

Dr. Emily Hamilton at the PeriGen AWHONN BoothPerinatal Outcomes Focus @ AWHONN

The Reaction to the CheckList Solution

It’s not difficult to imagine why hundreds of nurses and unit managers lined up at the PeriGen booth and the CheckList presentation reception. Despite being newly introduced, the response to the PeriCALM CheckList innovation has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s why:

  • It leverages the improved outcomes that checklists provide.
  • It allows labor & delivery professionals to spend less time on complex, often manual, measuring and calculating and more on what they’re best at: Personal, high-quality patient care.
  • And it integrates with major EMRs, as well as co-existing with the installed EFM software.

Matthew Sappern presents PeriGen's donation to AWHONN Every Woman, Every Baby along with a large support petitionIn addition to introducing the PeriCALM CheckList innovation, PeriGen also presented AWHONN’s Every Woman, Every Baby program with a sizeable donation and support “petition” signed by labor & delivery teams from 54 leading hospitals. The Every Woman, Every Baby program funds education and research initiatives focused on improving perinatal outcomes.

31 Jul

PeriGen Healthcare Innovation Proves It

Matthew Sappern is PeriGen's Chief Executive OfficerPeriGen Proves It

by Matthew Sappern, Chief Executive Officer

Hello PeriGen family and friends. I hope you enjoy this issue of PeriNews. Please feel free to let us know what you like and what you don’t.

As CEO of PeriGen, I have the pleasure to work with and address a number of organizations focused on continuously improving healthcare information technology. It’s a passion of mine – I truly believe in the synergy of IT and clinical practice. To that point, I have been asked to participate as a presenter in an upcoming healthcare innovation conference in Nashville entitled Health:Further. It’s a most fitting title for PeriGen representation because we lead the industry in bringing the power of data analytics and visualization to the bedside.

The panel in which I am participating is entitled “Prove It!” which is THE great challenge for most companies striving to innovate. Fortunately, PeriGen’s technology IS proven, starting with its foundation of accurately interpreting fetal strips in real-time. PeriGen’s ability is definitively shown in a published NICHD study showing remarkable rates of agreement (>90%) between the PeriGen system and multiple clinicians. Not perfect by any stretch, but certainly VERY reliable. That alone is a novel and valuable building block, but what’s more impressive and innovative is how health systems operationalize this capability.

One such example is MedStar and its oxytocin management policies which became more manageable, more consistent, and therefore more impactful after the introduction of automation supporting clinical decisions. Combining straightforward procedure with the ability to identify concerning contraction patterns in real-time, the excellent staff at MedStar reduced the incidence and duration of uterine tachysystole in its patients receiving oxytocin by close to 40%.

We’ve taken this recipe for success to a new level with the newly introduced PeriCALM® CheckList™. This tool can be configured to look for any number of concerning EFM patterns together or discretely and alert clinical staff immediately and with great detail. Among other uses, clients are configuring this tool to automate the vigilant monitoring of EFM patterns used in comprehensive OB checklists, such as those employed by nurses when administering oxytocin. EFM-related tasks which require complex and repetitive human calculations will be aided by the PeriCALM Checklist.

We are excited to introduce this innovation and thrilled by its reception in demonstrations, both personal and those at this year’s AWHONN Convention. More than that, we are looking forward to working with you to operationalize the new technology, improve care and to “Prove It!” to the rest of the world.

08 Jul

Supporting AWHONN Perinatal Research

PeriGen CEO Matt Sappern hands AWHONN a donation for Every Woman, Every Baby research fund

PeriGen CEO Matt Sappern happily hands Pamela Spears, AWHONN’s Director of Development a donation check in support of the Every Woman, Every Baby fund

In addition to introducing their new PeriCALM® CheckList™ solution to 231 labor & delivery professionals at this year’s AWHONN National Convention, PeriGen also supported AWHONN with a $2,500 donation to their Every Woman, Every Baby program. This fund is used to support educational and research initiatives aimed at enhancing healthier perinatal outcomes. The following labor & delivery teams added their names in support of the donation:

  • Aurora Sinai
  • Aviano Air Base in Italy
  • Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas
  • Berlin Memorial Hospital
  • Christiana Care
  • Community Memorial Hospital
  • DCH Regional Medical Center
  • Doylestown Hospital
  • Enloe Medical Center
  • Geisinger Medical Center
  • Hahnemann University Hospital
  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield
  • IASIS Healthcare Corporation
  • Integris Health
  • Johnson Regional Medical Center
  • Kona Community Hospital
  • Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
  • Lodi Memorial
  • Madigon Army Medical Center
  • Major Hospital
  • Marian Medical
  • Mary Greeley Medical Center
  • Mat-su Regional Medical Center
  • Mercy Merced – Dignity
  • Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
  • Myrtue Medical Center
  • Naval Medical Center of Portsmouth
  • Norton Women’s Childrens
  • Providence St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • Providence Tarzana
  • Rochester General Hospital
  • Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital
  • Rose Medical Center
  • Sanford Medical Center of Thief River Falls
  • Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial
  • St.. Charles Mercy Hospital
  • St. Francis Medical Center (MO)
  • St. Luke’s Health System
  • SUNY Downstate
  • Swedish American Hospital
  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Universal Health Services, Inc.
  • Wakemed Health & Hospital
  • Wakemed Raleigh Campus
  • Wallace Thomson Hospital
  • Wayne Memorial Hospital (GA)
  • White Plains Hospital
  • York Hospital (PA)

Thanks all of the above for your voice of support!

09 Jun

Checklists simplified

PeriGen simplifies the use of obstetric checklists with PeriCALM CheckList solution

ChSolving the checklist challengeecklists are an integral part of everyday life for many of us. Whether you’re an airline pilot getting ready for an international flight or a vacationer packing suitcases to take that flight, checklists help ensure all the proper processes have been followed and all the details covered.

Checklists also play a central role in obstetrical patient safety. For example, nurses often use a checklist to help track critical data. Usually this means rolling out long tracings to manually count contractions and estimate accelerations, decelerations and other important statistics.

Of course, time spent counting and calculating is time not spent on caring for mothers and babies. That’s one of the reasons PeriGen is introducing its new PeriCALM® CheckList™ solution at the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) 2015 Annual Convention this month. It simplifies the process by automatically counting and summarizing specific fetal heart rate patterns and other factors that are routinely tracked and displays color-coded trends as well as a live status indicator on the toolbar.

The displays provide quick visual cues when checklist criteria are present and persistent, helping nurses know when to take quick action.  The cues can be further customized to the preferences and practices specific to the hospital or health system. It’s a great way to maximize the value and effectiveness of a checklist program.

Is your organization using checklists for labor and delivery? If so, have they been easy to use, and are they delivering the expected benefits? If you haven’t been using them, any plans to start?

18 Feb

EFM IQ Results


Good work to those lucky obstetric professionals who have  responded to the EFM IQ test so far.  91.3% got the first EFM IQ question right.  Last week, however, it dipped to 57.8%.  This week’s question is another easy one, especially for those attending the upcoming AWHONN California and Minnesota Section Conferences.  Click to see how you stack up then visit us at the AWHONN events (we’re a sponsor) to check out how you did and get your “just rewards.”