Retrospective Patterns:

Empowering Perinatal Training

According to a Harvard Business Review article, most process improvement efforts “have as much impact on performance as a rain dance has on the weather.” The problem? Focusing on activities instead of results and not building regular review of bad outcomes.

This last is no surprise really. Let’s face it, none of us relishes post-mortems. They expose both our insecurities and our vulnerability to human error. Not to mention the hassle of gathering the data.

Advanced EFM features of PeriCALM Patterns

While PeriCALM Retrospective Patterns can’t overcome insecurity or vulnerability, it can make it a bit easier to access the analysis needed for perinatal providers to gain objective insights on both poor and good outcomes. Here’s how it works.

Tracings from your archives are uploaded into Retrospective Patterns. The program provides all the analytic tools included with regular PeriCALM Patterns – FHR interpretation color cues, mean contraction interval, baseline, baseline variability, and Montevideo units, a four-hour trend view, and CheckList parameter cueing. All of the strip navigation tools are also available.

These features allow your team to benchmark interpretation and assessment on a case-by-case basis, providing a excellent education tool for further improvement in these areas.

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