Advancing Fetal Monitoring Even Further

In addition to tracings management, surveillance and archiving, PeriGen offers the PeriCALM Patterns module providing automated pattern recognition, and PeriCALM Curve, a module that enables labor progress analysis.

PeriCALM® Patterns™: Decision Support at the Bedside

The PeriCALM Patterns module provides automated pattern recognition at the bedside. Clinicians can see clinically significant trends and recognize when a situation is improving, worsening, or stabilizing.

  • Confident decision-making backed by decision support technology
  • Immediate awareness of patient status and trends over time

PeriCALM® Curve™: Labor Progress Analysis at a Glance

PeriCALM Curve is a powerful labor progress analysis tool, converting Tracings data into graphic insights into how both mother and baby are doing over time compared to established norms.  With Curve, clinicians instantly view patient status and can make the decisions needed for optimal outcomes quickly and accurately.

Real-time system integration helps minimize wasteful double data entry

PeriGen systems augment obstetric decision-making and improve communications among the clinical team at the point of care, while supporting data flow between healthcare IT systems. PeriCALM comes with standard interfaces including ADT.

  • PeriGen systems integrate with more enterprise and ancillary systems than any perinatal company.