PeriCALM Tracings offers advanced fetal monitoring in a leading EFM systemAdvanced Fetal Surveillance at an Affordable Price

PeriGen’s electronic fetal monitoring systems are engineered to address birth-related brain injury, the most serious obstetrical complication, and the complication that is responsible for 53% of OB litigation costs.  PeriCALM® Tracings™ helps clinicians see care differently through FDA-cleared clinical decision support tools and an easy-to-use, highly reliable fetal surveillance system.

System advantages:

  • Developed by experienced obstetricians to fit preferred fetal surveillance workflow
  • Specialized, easy-to-access views of data anywhere on the strip
  • Annotation directly on the strip with annotated data written automatically into the medical record
  • Access at the bedside or remotely
  • Interfaces with all major acute care EMR systems to eliminate duplicate data entry

PeriCALM Tracing fetal surveillance software goes beyond tracings to provide annotation on the stripFeatures:

  • Detail slider enabling quick viewing of any portion of the strip
  • Real-time access to historic FHR and contraction data a click away.
  • Inbound and outbound data flow with your EMR


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