Advanced Fetal Monitoring & Perinatal Products

PeriGen’s decision-support software is a modular system that handles burdensome number-crunching, counting, and analysis so that clinicians have more time for what they’re best at — patient care. The technology proactively alerts clinicians to potential problems, and provides the data needed for the care management of those problems, helping to make labor and delivery safer.  Key features include:

  • iCue™ visual alerts identify clinically significant trends enabling clinicians to see and quantify critical information more quickly and accurately.
  • Real-time recognition of abnormal fetal heart rate tracings.

PeriGen offers three advanced fetal monitoring modules.  They interlock to empower clinicians to use the most advanced clinical analytic tool to improve care, boost unit productivity, and facilitate team communications.


The base PeriCALM module, Tracings, offers comprehensive viewing of the strip with the addition of annotation on the strip (sent across all PeriCALM screens and your EHR), instant access to all data from the strip, and a slider that allows you to view any area of the strip quickly and easily.
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PeriCALM® Patterns™

Patterns, the second tier of the PeriCALM solution, provides clinicians with the power of pattern recognition enabling real-time electronic identification of potential issues quickly and easily. The module expands the long-term view of the strip from one-hour to two for an even more dynamic view of important trends. In addition, the system automatically calculates Montevideo units on a continuous basis.
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PeriCALM® Curve™

The third module of the PeriCALM solution applies analytic graphical analysis to the labor curve offering clinicians a quick, intelligent view of labor progress at-a-glance, all at bedside.
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PeriCALM® Shoulder Screen™

Patented, web-based tool helping clinicians identify women at increased risk for experiencing shoulder dystocia with brachial plexus injury. Used in physician practices and hospital clinics.
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PeriGen software modules seamlessly integrate with most EMRs to allow clinical teams to drastically reduce wasteful double data entry. They are engineered to be flexible in their technical, implementation, and interface requirements.

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