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Rebecca Cypher,

Chief Nursing Officer, Perinatal Leader

Rebecca Cypher, PeriGen CNOA perinatal nurse practitioner and EFM educator, Becky has more than 25 years of military and civilian experience including leadership roles spanning clinical, academic, hospital and health system and in the Pacific Northwest working in the Maternal-Fetal Division, caring for high risk obstetric patients and their families.

Becky retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2008 after serving two decades of active duty service including a deployment to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom and as the perinatal nursing consultant to the Air Force Surgeon General.  Becky has held numerous leadership positions in the AWHONN including chapter leader, section chair and secretary treasurer for the Armed Forces Section; she is serving her second term on AWHONN’s national board of directors and has been  a member of numerous AWHONN committees, most notably the revision committees for the Intermediate and Advanced Fetal Monitoring programs.

In addition to AWHONN, Becky has volunteered her time with the Alaska, Texas and Washington chapters of the March of Dimes and currently serves on the March of Dimes South Puget Sound board of directors.  Becky also serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing.  Becky earned her bachelor of science degree in nursing from Eastern Michigan University and an MSN with a perinatal nurse practitioner specialization from Regis University.

In addition to lecturing nationally and leading electronic fetal monitoring training events, Becky has written or co-authored a significant number of peer reviewed articles and book chapters.  These include:

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