PatternsAdding decision support to EFM with PeriCALM® Patterns™

At last, fetal monitoring tools to help you meet today’s standards of care while making documentation easier.

PeriCALM Patterns provides your team with powerful, patented pattern recognition software based on NICHD guidelines that distinguish and highlight potentially important labor trends to corroborate and augment care decisions. Patterns also includes tools that make assessment and documentation faster and easier.

We’ve had 17 new nurses start with us so far this year. PeriCALM Patterns has been our saving grace.

Melanie Williams
Director of Labor & Delivery
Ochsner Baptist
New Orleans, LA

Advanced EFM features of PeriCALM PatternsAdvantages:

  • Simultaneous, real-time viewing of FHR and contraction details
  • Long-view of strip allows clinicians to better access important trends
  • Ability to quickly navigate to any portion of the strip to visualize trends
  • FHR patterns and contraction measurements such as Montevideo units calculated automatically in real-time
  • Color-coding highlights areas of concern to enable intuitive assessment of labor

PeriCALM Patterns Export Feature

Patterns export feature allows:

  • Creation of structured notes automatically populated by 15- or 30- minutes of Patterns EFM measurements for posting as an annotation and, where enabled, to the EHR.
  • Clinical review, adjustment & approval of export data prior to posting.
  • Includes a timeline that identifies segments already documented for easy retrospective documentation.
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Unique Features

  • Color-coded identification of accelerations and decelerations
  • Four-hour view of strip
  • Contractility index identifies excessive contraction frequency and highlights when it persists
  • Detail slider enables clinicians to zero in on a view of any portion of the strip
  • Automatic calculation of Montevideo units
  • Export feature allows fast, efficient posting of EFM data to annotations and, where enabled, EHR with timeline that facilitates retroactive documentation

“The PeriCALM interface is intuitive and the system is easy to use. We value the availability of PeriCALM Patterns too, especially for difficult labor cases. The users like the system and that’s very important.”

Amy Dagestad
Director of Labor & Delivery
Mary Greeley Medical Center
Ames, Iowa

To see how PeriCALM Patterns compares to humans when it comes to agreeing on  FHR tracing assessments, click here.


  • Prospectively during labor
  • Retrospectively for quality reviews and training

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